Spousal Support and Property Division

Spousal Support and Property Division

The court process is complex and having a skilled and responsive attorney is critical to your spousal support, property division, and divorce matters. At the Gateville Law Firm, we handle financial issues that impact spouses’ financial security. Our practice is home to experienced spousal support attorneys who also have extensive knowledge of property division. Sean Robertson is the Principal of Gateville Law Firm, and is an advocate for families and children. Attorney Robertson is well-versed on the legal system and how the divorce laws affect his clients. He understands the complex issues that divorcing spouses will face, specifically how financial matters and property division affects one’s economic security.

Our legal team is highly skilled in navigating the spousal support laws as outlined in the State of Illinois. Our attorneys and support staff are excellent communicators and are passionate about representing our clients. As a compassionate firm, we understand the importance of financial security in a person’s family life. For this reason, we advocate for you and your loved ones. Whether you are dealing with a child support, child custody, allocation of parental responsibilities or other legal considerations, Gateville Law Firm will advocate for you.

Marital Property Division

A divorce proceeding has a substantial impact on one’s financial standing. Child support and spousal maintenance have major impacts on one’s ability to support themselves and their family. Contentious divorces are costly and have significant consequences on one’s financial well-being.

Courts hold significant power, so passionate and caring representation is critical to navigate the complex court processes. At Gateville Law Firm, we understand how to properly represent and advocate for our clients. We provide skilled and effective legal representation in divorce, child support, spousal support, and post-decree matters.  We work with high-net worth clients, middle-class families, and working-class persons to achieve a favorable financial outcome in divorce matters.

Valuation of complex asset holdings such as the following require skilled legal representation:

  • Real Estate
  • Vehicles
  • Retirement and Pension Plans
  • Bank Accounts
  • Art and Jewelry Collections
  • Investment Real Estate
  • Family-Owned and Closely Held Business Interests
  • Legal Settlements and Awards
  • Frequent Airline Flyer Miles
  • Pre-Nuptial Agreements and their enforceability
  • Spousal Support and Maintenance

In addition, the issue of property division affects most families in the divorce process. Equitable divorces require skilled divorce and property division attorneys that understand the court system and divorce laws. Sean Robertson and the staff at Gateville Law Firm understand the complex laws affecting divorce, spousal support, and child custody matters. We also are skilled at post-divorce modification issues affecting spouses including children’s issues.