Post-Divorce Modifications

Post-Divorce Modifications

In divorce law, the final divorce decree is often not the final court order. After a divorce becomes final, either spouse can challenge certain decisions made by the court. Post-divorce modifications challenge the financial rulings of the divorce decree.

There are several circumstances that require a change in one’s spousal support, otherwise known as Spousal Maintenance awards. Modifications to the divorce decree require substantial changes to Judgments for Dissolution of Marriage and Allocation Judgments. A post-divorce modification is the best way to change certain aspects of the divorce decree including spousal support, property division, child custody, child support, and visitation.

Post-Decree Modification

Post-decree modifications involve changed circumstances in the following areas:

  • Alimony, otherwise known as Spousal Maintenance and Spousal Support
  • Child Support and Related Child Expenses
  • Parenting Issues such as Allocation and Custody Judgments
  • Issues affecting property rights

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Modification of Spousal Maintenance and Alimony Proceedings

Changed financial circumstances require a re-write and modification to spousal maintenance obligations. Furthermore, a spouse’s co-habitat with others may impact one’s right to spousal support. Post-divorce modifications are not always possible, and require the professional analysis of an attorney. Gateville Law Firm can examine your case and court orders to determine if post-divorce modifications will suit your family’s current divorce decree.

Attorney Robertson and his team understand the financial impact that spousal maintenance has one one’s financial well-being. Our lawyers and advocates will develop a plan to modify the terms of your legal obligations in a manner that positively impacts your life. If you and your family require adjudgments to your legal court orders, contact the family and divorce lawyers of Gateville Law Firm at 630-780-1034.