Franchise Attorney

Franchise Attorney

At Gateville Law Firm, we focus our practice in franchise law, including transactional matters such as the purchase and sale of franchise businesses. Our franchise attorneys are skilled in the following areas of franchise and business law:

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC) Setup and Operation
  • Drafting of Asset Purchase Agreements and Letters of Intent
  • Drafting of Non-Compete, Non-Disparaging Remarks and Non-Solicitation Provisions
  • LLC Partnerships and Corporations
  • Family Business setup and Asset Protection Planning
  • Drafting of LLC Operating Agreements, Resolutions, and Minutes
Franchise Purchase and Sale of a Franchise Business

Attorney Sean Robertson of Gateville Law Firm can assist a franchise business owner with proper setup including business formation and incorporation, asset minimization strategies, and setup of private land trust that minimize real estate exposure to litigation and liability concerns. We can also assist business owners and franchise owners with the purchase and sale of a business or franchise. There are several critical issues to consider when purchasing or selling a franchise or business such as the following:

  • How to structure the asset or stock purchase including allocation of tax planning strategies
  • Due Diligence Period and documents to be reviewed
  • Commercial Real Estate Lease Review and Negotiations
  • Franchiser Transfer Fee for the purchase of a franchise
  • Tax liability concerns such as payroll, employment and other tax related concerns involved in the transfer of the franchise or business to a buyer or purchaser
  • Whether and how to provide the seller financing including appropriate documents to sign including security agreements, personal guarantees, and other documents
Asset Purchase Agreements

An Asset Purchase Agreement is an agreement which outlines the critical business issues and contractual obligations between a business buyer and seller.  The purpose of an Asset Purchase Agreement is to outline the critical terms related to the purchase and sale of a business or franchise.