Family Business Attorneys

Family Business Attorneys

Gateville Law Firm assists family businesses of all sizes— from two employees to 200 employees. Our family business attorneys counsel and guide family-owned businesses in their entrepreneurial, real estate, restaurant, and commercial ventures. As an experienced commercial transaction firm, Gateville Law Firm has a strong base to properly counsel family-owned business on their most complex business matters.

Family Business Attorneys for Estate Planning

We combine estate planning and family business law firm to advise business owners on their wealth preservation goals. Whether you own an up-and-coming or a are the third generation owner of a well-established established family business, Gateville Law Firm is here to support your commercial aspirations. Attorney Sean Robertson is the Principal of Gateville Law Firm. As an entrepreneur himself, Sean understands the unique set of requirements business owners look for in a law firm. Our team of attorneys, certified paralegals, and support staff have the skill and expertise that are critical to your family’s financial and long-term business success.

  • Family business tax planning for Corporations, Partnerships, and LLCs
  • Family business Entity Incorporations and Formation Planning
  • Setting up holding and subsidiary companies to limit liability concerns
  • Business Purchases
  • Family business Sales
  • Asset Purchase Agreements and Stock Purchase Agreements
  • Promissory Notes, Bills of Sales, and Affidavits of Titles
  • Drafting and reviewing commercial real estate leases
  • Family business Agreements such as non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements and other business agreements
  • Family business Minutes and Resolutions
  • Family Business Planning
  • Start Up Companies
  • Written LLC Operating Agreements and Corporate Bylaws
Skilled Business Attorneys

Our guidance is critical to the sustainability and success of our family-owned businesses. Our business attorneys advise small and family-owned businesses on their business liability, growth, and succession goals. Whether you are purchasing or selling a business, Gateville Law Firm can assist you. We draft Asset Purchase Agreements, Stock Purchase Agreements, Letters of Intent, and Commercial Transaction Documents to achieve success. Contact Gateville Law Firm today at 630-780-1034 or via online form.