Buying Investment Property

Buying Investment Property

Buying investment property is a major real estate transaction that requires an experienced real estate lawyer. Unlike most law firms, Gateville Law Firm has significant real estate and asset protection experience. Our principal attorney, Sean Robertson, is an experienced real estate lawyer which has substantial real estate and asset protection experience involving corporations, series real estate LLCs, and limited partnerships.

Attorney Robertson also has significant taxation and business background, which is critical when buying investment property. Gateville Law Firm provides excellent real estate legal representation to buyers and sellers of investment properties in the suburbs of Chicago.

Buying Investment Property with Gateville Law

Negotiations involving attorney review and home inspection periods involved in real estate transactions

  • Setting up LLCs and Corporate Structures to protect real estate assets and minimize personal liability exposure
  •  Landlord and tenant evictions for landlords
  • REO and Foreclosure real estate law
  •  Estate Planning for Real Estate Owners
  •  Tax Planning for Real Estate Owners
  •  Real estate and house closings involving the Multi-Board Residential Real Estate Contract 7.0
  • Experience with Land Trusts, LLCs and other alternative real estate arrangements
  • Setting up of Revocable Living Trust, Irrevocable Trust and other business and real estate structures to protect one’s assets
Closing Process

The real estate closing process involves substantial financial investments and risks. Our real estate attorneys provide experienced legal counsel and negotiations involved in the real estate closing process.

Real Estate Investors, LLCS, and and Asset Protection

Sean Robertson and Gateville Law Firm have a niche in representing real estate owners and investors with respects to the creation of Limited Liability Companies and other asset protection strategies.  Real estate investors have great financial and liability risk while flipping properties and holding long-term properties with renters.

Asset protection is an excellent decision if you fit the following traits.

  • You own one or more vacation or investment properties.
  • You are interested in flipping properties or long-term real estate investments.
  • You have a family and children and want to protect them from an estate planning and asset protection standpoint.
  • You want to protect your investments from liability risks.
  • You are concerned that a liability issue at one property could affect your personal residence and other properties.
  • You and your significant other have real estate owned in your personal name or jointly held names, which is a major liability concern.
  • You have heard about series LLCs and land trust, but you do not know how these asset protection instruments would affect you.
  • You want to coordinate your asset protection and estate planning goals especially if you have minor children where guardianship concerns are real.

Our real estate attorneys provide high quality residential and investment real estate transactions. Call our real estate lawyers today at 630-780-1034 or contact us online to discuss your real estate transaction.