Asset Protection

Asset Protection

Asset and Business Protection

Gateville Law Firm concentrates in asset protection and business protection for owners, real estate professionals, physicians, and others. It is critical because one lawsuit could threaten a lifetime of saving and real estate investments. Our legal team understands the tax laws and relevant liability concerns that protect one’s assets from liability threats. Asset protection begins with proactive planning to reduce the risk of liabilities arising, which may threaten one’s family economic security.

Asset protection restructures one’s assets to minimize and eliminate liability threats. Our asset protection attorneys understand how to discourage and prevent lawsuits, place assets in a manner that reduces liability risks, and properly plans for control and security. These steps must be done prior to litigation risks arise or otherwise this could be fraud.

Is it the right fit?

Asset protection is an excellent decision if you fit the following traits:

  • You own one or more vacation or investment properties
  • You are interested in flipping properties or long-term real estate investments
  • You have a family and want to protect them from an estate planning standpoint
  • You want to protect your investments from liability risks
  • You are concerned that a liability issue at one property could affect your personal residence and other properties
  • You and your significant other have real estate owned in your personal name or jointly held names, which is a major liability concern
  • You have heard about series LLCs and land trust, but you do not know how these protection instruments would affect you
  • You want to coordinate estate planning goals especially if you have minor children where guardianship concerns are real
What does an asset protection plan look like?

Asset protection is achieved through a precise strategy.

  1. The first assignment is to prepare answers to our asset protection interview form. This gives us additional team to assess your risks and vulnerabilities.
  2. We coordinate with your LLC and business plans including estate plans.
  3. We want to know whether you have an estate plan. If you have an estate plan, we want to protect your family from conflicts that naturally arise in estate planning scenarios.
  4. We evaluate your family for liability risks and factors, including their employment type and income. These factors give us information how a creditor would attack your family, real estate business, or business enterprise.
  5. Meeting with Attorney Sean Robertson to assess your concerns, liability risks, and develop a protection strategy.

We also handle the following areas of law, which pair with asset and business protection:

  • Family make up including whether you have a blended family or family concerns
  • Limited Liability Company Setup and Incorporation
  • Drafting of LLC Operating Agreements to including buy-sell agreements and distribution techniques upon a death or incapacity
  • Use of Private Land Trust
  • Evaluation of whether an Irrevocable Trust is appropriate
  • Powers of Attorneys for Property and Healthcare
  • Advanced Healthcare Directives
  • Family Limited Liability Companies for Asset Protection

Your Asset Protection Attorney

Attorney Sean Robertson is the Principal of Gateville Law Firm, which concentrates in estate planning, asset protection, and real estate law. Attorney Robertson uses his expertise in these areas to develop an protection strategy for his families and business owners.