Adoption is a legal procedure which establishes a new family relationship between the adopting parents and a child. Upon the completion of this process, you become a child’s legal parent and take on all of the rights and responsibilities of that child, as if you were their biological parent. Needless to say, this is a complex legal process in the State of Illinois.

Overall, it is a trying time for parents and children, especially if one fails to seek out a qualified attorney. Adoptions present many challenges, and a skilled adoption attorney is critical. As a family law attorney, we understand the complex court processes that can occur during these difficult family matters. Having been adopted, Attorney Sean Robertson is personally familiar with the impact of the adoption process. He is passionate about providing responsive legal representation in these family cases, as adoption has been a positive experience for him and his family.

We regularly represent families and parents in family and probate court, whether they have a guardianship case or an adoption case. According to the Illinois Department of Family Services“Guardianship is another permanency option for children when it has been determined that both returning home and adoption have been ruled out. Guardianship is frequently used by relative caregivers who wish to provide a permanent home for a child in his or her care, and can be considered for children who have been living in the home of licensed relatives for a period of six consecutive months. Guardianship means that the court appoints you as the child’s legal guardian. It differs from adoption because the birth parents’ rights do not have to be terminated in order to appoint a guardian.”

There are several different types of adoption cases such as the following:

  • Stepparent Cases
  • Interfamily Cases
  • Newborn or Infant Cases
  • Adult Children Cases

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